Aug 24, 2012 – T2 Aquatics

Today’s workout has four parts. First, the warmup, which is 2750 yards long. I hope to keep them moving for the full 42 minutes, and achieve some cardio training.

Second, the technical set of 25s is a set we have been doing this fall. The athletes are getting pretty good at kicking head-first with their hands at the side, so we’re continuing to hone that skill.

Third, the main set. We’re going to focus on Backstroke today. I’ve given them some paces to hold on the swim 50s and the kick 50s. I want them to have some expectations and guidelines, in particular because I want the athletes to give a good effort all the way through the set — even though the kicking expectations are somewhat higher than the swimming expectations. I don’t want them to bag the swims and wait for the kicks to work hard.

Fourth, the Dive set at the end is the first time this season we’ve stepped on the blocks for a timed effort. I like to do this type of set with athletes once every 2-4 weeks.


200 Free (230) Negative Split at “Cruise 200 Pace” by round 4
100 Kick (140) choice
75 Back (110) 7.5M underwater each wall (Stonger effort as you go on all strokes)
50 Breast (1) with flipturn
25 Fly (40) stroke count = half time

20×25 (35)
3 Dolphin Kick – Head Lead
2 Fly Swim

30×50 “A” “B” “C”
3 Swim Back* (50) 29-31 / 32-34 / 35-37
3 Kick Back** (50) 31-33 / 34-36 / 37-39

250 easy (100 swim + 25 Scull fast)

7×50 Mixed
1×50 Dive* your choice

250 easy (100 swim + 25 Scull Fast)


Additional Comments:
Here’s a link to my blog which provides T2 Aquatics’ “Cruise Pace” — and a description of their use. I’m using them in the workout today to help athletes regulate their warmup speed; specifically I am going to expect that they are “Cruising” their 200 Freestyles by the halfway point of our warmup.

This free workout was provided by T2 Aquatics head coach Paul Yetter.

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