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Flow Swimming Clinic with Kyle Whitaker

Flow Swimming Clinic with Kyle Whitaker

You will be working in groups and focusing on all four strokes in the context of championship level individual medley swimming. Each swimmer will get the opportunity to work with Kyle in the water.

The Coaches will be using video recording at different stations and each swimmer will see themselves on video several times throughout the clinic. Every swimmer will also receive a Coach’s Eye analysis of a stroke of their choice.

There will be two opportunities available through the weekend.

  • March 18, 2017: Swim IM Like A Champion
  • March 19, 2017: Championship Starts and Turns

Both will offer a “Starter” or “Competitive” option and will be held at the Honey Bee Pool.

Lots of value and lots of learning!

If this is your first clinic with Flow Swimming, please read about theirĀ pricing and registration instructions first. ThenĀ go to the Upcoming Clinics section o book your spot.

About Flow Swimming

Flow Swimming offers premiere swimming clinics and coaching. Their workshops are designed to create athletic, long lasting strokes and mind sets that will set the foundation for faster swimming and more intense training.

They think of swimmers and coaches as athletes with the ability to try new and different things. Flow Swimming wants to challenge bodies to move, interact, experience, and think about the water in unique ways.

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