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01/23/2013 PM – Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center (Schroeder North)

01/23/2013 PM – Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center (Schroeder North)

Good solid warm-up with a focus on IM, specifically the cross-over turn (back to breast transition). Pre-set is off the blocks to get some dive work in.

The athletes are performing a swing dive on the odd ones. The focus is dropping the head to the arms, not bring the arms up to the head on the start.

Main-set today is broken swims (200s’ and 100s’). For the 200s’ the athletes are adding up the 50, 100 and 50 to a good fast 200 time. Same deal for the 100s’ (adding up to a good fast 100 time).

The IM inclined athletes are swimming the broken 200’s:
50 Butterfly on 2:00 – from dive
100 Back / Breast on 4:00 – from push
50 Freestyle on 2:00 – from push

IMers are swimming the broken 100’s:
50: Back / Breast x 25 (working cross-over transition turn), both on 2:00

The breast stroke inclined athletes are swimming the 200’s Breastroke. The 100s’ are to be swum breast stroke but with triple pull-outs off all walls. Backstroke inclined swimming back. All else freestyle.

Year 1, Week 20, Day 4, Practice 1 (01/23/2013 PM)
1248 Days until 2016 US Olympic Swimming Trials

400 swim
2 x 200 IM on 3:30 (1 Drill / 1 Swim)
4 x 100 IM on 1:45 – EVERYONE needs to do cross-over (BK/BR)

16 x 25 on :30 – WSAC Way x 25
1: fast / easy x 12.5
1: easy / fast x 12.5
1: All FAST!!
1: All easy

24 x 25 on :30
odd: Dive Sprint (head to arms, not arms to head)
even: Swing Dive (head to arms, not arms to head)

4 x 200 Broken on 9:00
50 Dive on 2:00
100 Push on 4:00
50 Dive on 2:00
extra 1:00 rest

8 x 100 Broken on 5:00
50 Dive on 2:00
50 Push on 2:00
extra 1:00 rest

200 cool-down


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