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Jan 23, 2017 – Millfield Swimming – Heart Rate RollerCoaster

Jan 23, 2017 – Millfield Swimming – Heart Rate RollerCoaster

Heart Rate RollerCoaster set to start the week before several weekends of competition.

The aim here is to fluctuate between the heart rate (HR) zones to achieve the rollercoaster effect. Small amount of priming with 25’s swum short course in a long course pool which always get the group going.


400 CHEQ SKPS (7:00)
4 x 200 CHEQ Drill/Swim Choice (3:30)
[Drill focus is on connection – Head, hips and catch are all connected. Progression from Scull (Micro) to Timing (Macro) drills. Examples of timing drills are Hesitate, Slow Fingerdrag for free/deep scull for back, Three point, double catch]

8 x 50 (60) CHEQ Odds Mod, Evens No.1 Build to finish
16 x 25 (30) @ 200 race pace (1-3/2-2/3-1/4)

25 x 100 as
1-2 Descend (1:20),
3-6 HRAT (26/27) (1:30),
7-10 Descend to HRAT(1:40),
11-16 HRAT (26/27) (1:40),
17-20 HR28+ (1:50),
21-25 (2:00) CHEQ Back Easy
*HRAT is 26/7 beats over 10, or around PB+20 for most, HR28+ TT was PB+10-12

4 x 100 (1:50) Paddles – 50 Mod back, 50 Build to a finish

Workout Total: 5400

This workout was provided by Millfield Swimming Assistant Coach Jak Mullins.

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About Jak Mullins

Jak is in his fourth year as Assistant Coach at Millfield, working with the Junior and Senior National athletes. [Full Bio]

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