Jul 9, 2018 – PSA – Day 1 of Week 3

A “general workout” starting this third week of our training cycle with some faster paced kicking and freestyle work.


200m free with fins
200m as 50m Straight arm free, 100m normal, 50m Back Fins
200m back/breast Fins
200m IM Fins

8 x 100m on 2:20 Fast Kick main stroke
8 x 100m on 1:50 Free goal is PB + 8sec or faster
100m ez

200m fly kick with cube
6 x 50m Back/breast with cube
6 x 25m fly with cube and fins

400m breast as 3down 3up
4 x 200m Pull all gear main stroke
4 x 150m kk/dr/sw main stroke

Workout Total: 4450

This workout was provided by Peninsula Sports Academy Head Coach Alex Webb.

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bruno borsoi
bruno borsoi
2 years ago

What’s the cube?

Nico Messer
Reply to  bruno borsoi
2 years ago

Bruno, I believe it’s a sponge (or small bucket) for added resistance – you could probably compare it with the more known and popular parachutes, although the resistance for the athlete might be a little smaller and thus more appropriate depending on the desired outcome. An example of this “toy” might be the Kensho Endurance “Swim Sponge Resistance Aid” at http://kenshoteam.com/store/swim-sponge-resistance-aid

bruno borsoi
bruno borsoi
2 years ago

thanks, I imagined something like that, thanks again