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Millfield Novacaine 100’s

Millfield Novacaine 100’s

Coming toward the end of the season for non-national swimmers, we decided to try and keep the intensity level of training high with a SCM set to test mental toughness as well as physical.

Most dropped out of the main set around the 1.20/1.15 mark, with 4 swimmers lasting until 1.10 and 2 finishing the 1.05 round. I found that as the swimmers got into the workout, the team spirit rose and those eliminated really got behind those still in.

Like coach says “It’s like novacaine. Give it time, it always works”.


Warm up:
2 x
[200/100/200/100 + 20 gaps – Free/Back/Kick/Drill
8 x 50 – 1-4 Stroke Drill/ 5-8 Stroke Build @60]

8 x 75 – 1-4 25 Hard BO focus/ 5 – 75 EZ, 6 – 25/50, 7 – 50/25, 8 – 75!! @1.20

Main Set:
4 x 100 plus 2 minute break. Rounds will descend in time by 5 seconds until no-one is left.
Start @1.40

Post Main and SD:
4 x 150 Kick/Swim choice @ 2.45
600-800 Warm Down

This workout was provided by Millfield Swimming Assistant Coach Jak Mullins.

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About Jak Mullins

Jak is in his fourth year as Assistant Coach at Millfield, working with the Junior and Senior National athletes. [Full Bio]

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