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Millfield Swimming – Junior Performance “RED Squad” Kick Integration

Millfield Swimming – Junior Performance “RED Squad” Kick Integration

One of my favourite kick integration sets; making sure that transitions between hard kick and high tempo swim are made smoothly and powerfully.

The 25 swim inevitably descends into a little bit of racing within the squad in and out the last turn, which works all round!


2 x 300 (4:30) 1. Loosen EZ, 2. 200 IM kick, 100 IM drill
4 x 100 Drill – Odds free; Evens back (1:45)
25 Kick, 25 Super Slow Finger Drag/Palm Down, 50 Swim
4 x 150m (2:40) as 50m Build Fly Kick, 75 as IMO Drill , 25m Swim

4 x 50 fins choice (60)
8 x 25 as odds max kick, evens mod swim (30)

2 rounds:
6 x 100 as 75 no.1 k, 25 No.1 swim as
#1 @ HR160 last 25@ maximise turn (1:50) – #2-3 25@Easy speed (1:40)
#4-6 25@100 Race tempo (1:30)
4 x 50 (50) FKOB Hit the walls hard!

2 x 250 (3:45) as 200 Swim 50 Kick strong
5 x 100 (1:45) Back with paddles

Workout Total: 4600

This workout was provided by Millfield Swimming Assistant Coach Jak Mullins.

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About Jak Mullins

Jak is in his fourth year as Assistant Coach at Millfield, working with the Junior and Senior National athletes. [Full Bio]

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