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T2 Aquatics – Kick-Swim Challenge

T2 Aquatics – Kick-Swim Challenge

This is a good workout for improving your kicking and swimming ability. The intervals on the main set are meant to be challenging, but attainable. Athletes should get 10-25 seconds rest per 100.

The extra rest at the end allows the coach/athlete to view each “round” as a “broken 300”. It is a mistake to view any of the 100s individually. Each 100 builds into the next.

In order to do the set well, the athlete has to make the first goal, which is a kicking 100 at a certain time. The best athletes on T2 Aquatics were asked to do the first 100 between 105-109. The next challenge is to swim a 100 between 55-58, followed by another kick between 105-109. It’s relatively easy to do any one of the three 100s, and hit the standard, but to truly accomplish the “A” standard you have to be able to do all 3 within the time frame.

The athletes we had doing this set were all sectional-level swimmers with one Olympic Trials athlete in there as well. Before long, I’d like to make the “A” Standard 101-105 for the kick, and 53-56 for the swim. I think we’ll be in pretty good shape when we can do that.

Friday March 28, 2013 – PM

1×200 Free (230) – 50R 50L 100 Negative Split
1×125 Kick-Swim (215) – 100 Kick + 25 Swim
1×75 Drill-Swim (110) – 25 Fly Drill 25 Back Swim 25 Breast Swim
1×50 Pull Back (1) – breathe every 4th

16×25 Back Drills (40)
8 – Single Arm
8 – Vertical Catchup

5x: A Standard B Standard C Standard
1×100 Kick (130) 105-109 110-115 116-122
1×100 Free (115) 55-58 59-103 104-109
1×100 Kick (130) 105-109 110-115 116-122

Rest 40

200 easy

7×50 (50)
1×50 (Dive)

200 easy


Additional Comments:
We’ve been doing a lot of Kick-Swim exercises at T2 Aquatics. There’s something about a set that incorporates kicking into swimming….that seems to help athletes kick WHILE they are swimming. Play around with it and see what happens!

You should also read this post titled “How to be a Dolphin” by Coach Paul Yetter where he shares some more insights on kicking.

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About Paul Yetter

Paul Yetter became NBAC’s Head Senior Coach in November 2016. Prior to the Fall of 2016, Paul was the Head Coach of T2 Aquatics (Naples, FL 2010-2016). [Read Bio]

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