Jan 13, 2011 – Swim Team Biel Bienne

Recovery workout from 2011 when I visited a friend in Switzerland. At that time, I haven’t been swimming seriously for a while and that type of “beginner” workout was just what I needed to get a good workout or for my friend to recover from a hard week of training.

3×300 as 1. swim choice, 2. kick, 3. free fist drill R30″
3×100 as 50 kick w/o board, 50 swim R10″

4 rounds of the following:
3×25 choice build 1.-3. @30″
200 easy choice

Main Set:
4 rounds of the following:
4×50 choice build 1.-4. @1′
100 easy choice

Swim Down:
600 kick w/fins


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