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Are you passionate about swimming? Are you a swim coach or an athlete wondering how your competition spends their time in the pool? Did you ever wanted to share what you do every day but didn’t know how? Well, now you can do all of it in one place – welcome to ProSwimWorkouts! A lot of coaches (myself included) always talk about how they would like to share what they’re doing, get feedback from other coaches and see how other coaches work with their athletes. Yet, only few of us make the efforts or take the time needed to share their experience with another coach. That’s exactly where I hope ProSwimWorkouts will step in and help you share your experiences and knowledge and this with the coach from the team in the next town but also with coaches from all over the world!

Stats & Memberships Report: August 2022

ProSwimWorkouts - The Trusted Source For Swim Coaching Professionals

August provided more exciting racing at the European Championships in Rome with the Italian athletes absolutely on point for their home event in front of an electric crowd. For a lot of teams it was also time for a break and enjoy summer.

Stats & Memberships Report: July 2022

ProSwimWorkouts - The Trusted Source For Swim Coaching Professionals

July was a busy month of swimming with the first end of season meets for plenty of club teams everywhere and another championship starting at the end of the month in Birmingham with the 2022 Commonwealth Games.

Stats & Memberships Report: June 2022

ProSwimWorkouts - The Trusted Source For Swim Coaching Professionals

June was an exciting month for swimming with the rescheduled FINA World Championships in Budapest and plenty of racing for club teams around the globe to prepare for their upcoming summer championship meet.

IUP Swimming Junior Camp

IUP Crimson Hawks Swimming

Junior Camp works with young campers to provide the knowledge and skills of fundamental stroke technique for all four strokes.

Crimson Hawk Swim Camps

IUP Crimson Hawks Swimming

Register for the Crimson Hawks Swim Camps at John A. Pidgeon Natatorium – home to the IUP Crimson Hawks Swimming & Diving programs.

Stats & Memberships Report: May 2022

ProSwimWorkouts - The Trusted Source For Swim Coaching Professionals

May was busy with outdoor meet season starting again in many places in Europe. We kept up with our daily updates, however, our own time commitment to the platform during this month was quite a good indicator of what the numbers showed at the end.

The Roadmap: Your Season Plan

The Roadmap: Your Season Plan

It’s the time of the year again where many teams find themselves in the middle of their season with all kinds of different qualifying meets on schedule before the big end of summer championships will take over athletes’ and coaches’ lives alike. Adding to an already busy time is the looming next season and the daunting task of coming up with the plan.

Stats & Memberships Report: March 2022

At this time the last two years we were deep into the pandemic and talking “home office” or creative ways to provide training while navigate these challenging weeks and months.

Stats & Memberships Report: February 2022

The shortest month of the year was packed with highlights! In the beginning of February, our own Coach Nico took over the Streamline Teams Instagram account to provide insights into the daily training in Solothurn and provided the second guest post on their blog.