How We Make A Difference

As ProSwimWorkout grows, I understand that with our mission we will have to be transparent. Becoming a premium member and paying for a membership, you rightfully expect your money to go back to the swimming community. Over time this page will update regularly and showcase all the information & numbers relevant to the platform.

You will be able to find statistics on our memberships, where the money goes and most likely some other numbers such as analytics.

We supported the swimming community with a total of


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Numbers on this page last updated on Mar 13, 2024

Membership Statistics

Bronze Level – 13
Silver Level – 6
Gold Level – 93
Bronze Level – 8
Silver Level – 4
Gold Level – 62
PSW has also 1490 registered members benefiting of our FREE subscription level.

* Find out more details in our monthly stats & memberships reports.

Revenue Distribution

Total money sent to Contributing Coaches: $17’535


Total donations made with your help: $6’300

Fan Zone Partner Contributions

Total money sent to our Fan Zone Partners: $9’365