A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim

A Film Called Blacks Can’t Swim highlights, challenges and discusses some very interesting perceptions on the myths and stereotypes that surround Blacks and Ethnic Minorities when it comes to swimming.

This film is about a black British who after watching an upsetting news report on bad weather and flooding, develops an acute phobia with water. His anxiety with not being able to swim and irrational fears of drowning pushes him into buying a life jacket which he wears everywhere he goes. He is torn between his friends who try and encourage him to learn how to swim and society who dramatically dampens his confidence with stereotypes on black people and their inability to swim. The film combines acting with real interview footage of various members of the community voicing their thoughts on the subject.

Hear more about the film from the producer, Ed Accura, in the video below.

Ed Accura’s objective for this campaign is to raise funds to enable them to use the film as a tool in raising awareness around the high percentage of people of black and Ethnic Minority that fit in this category. The end result is to get more people swimming and less drowning.

You can find out more details about the campaign and
support initiative and film on their Indiegogo page.

ProSwimWorkouts supported this campaign at the “Combat Side Stroke” (£50 GBP) perk/level.
Thanks to all of our premium members who make this possible!

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