Anthony Ervin – World Cup Tour 2012

Two-time U.S. Olympic swimmer and gold medalist Anthony Ervin will be competing on the World Cup circuit. Anthony will be representing the United States at stops in Dubai, Doha, Stockholm, Moscow, Berlin, Beijing, Tokyo, and Singapore.

However, his expenses for this global tour are not covered in full. So Team AE created a way in which you can support Anthony’s continued odyssey and receive what they hope are some fun and personal experiences in return. To compete in the World Cup 2012, Anthony has put a slew of international flights and hotel rooms on his credit card. In addition to travel and staying fueled with food every day, the cost of his journey totals $10,000 USD.

ProSwimWorkouts was able to make a $100 donation towards his goal of raising $10’000. With this donation come a few perks which we intend to give away to our premium members who make this possible!

Donation Anthony Ervin 2012 World Cup Tour

Help support two-time U.S. Olympic swimmer & gold medalist Anthony Ervin as he travels the globe to compete on the World Cup circuit 2012.

If and when they achieve their goal, they want to make sure they’re giving back, so Anthony will donate half of anything made over $10,000 to our friends at Mamade, whose “Water to the Thirsty” project is providing clean water to those in the world who need it most.

Anthony’s Results at the FINA World Cup

  • Dubai: 100 free, 2nd 47.04 – 50 free, 1st 21.18
  • Doha: 100 free, 3rd 47.17 – 50 free, 1st 21.02
  • Stockholm: 100 free, 4th 47.50 – 50 free, 2nd 20.99
  • Moscow: 100 free, 2nd (tie) 47.43 – 50 free, 2nd 21.11
  • Berlin: 100 free, 1st 46.71 – 50 free, 1st 20.85
  • Beijing: 100 free, 4th (tie) 47.63 – 50 free, 2nd 21.19
  • Tokyo: 100 free, 1st 47.09 – 50 free, 2nd 21.15
  • Singapore: 100 free (DNS) – 50 free, 1st 20.99

Anthony also won a couple more medals as part of the mixed relays in a few of the WC stops where his USA teammates attended.

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