Coach Steele – How to Get Faster!

The following concept is presented for rookie coaches, new swimmers, self-trainers, or fitness swimmers. Don’t be daunted by complex long training routines or sets. Swimmers of all abilities and skills can adapt training ideas from this site.

How to Get Faster!

Skill, Fitness and Motivation enables a swimmer (or any athlete or human being) to improve or get faster in swimming. Therefore, if skills are good start training routines that challenge one’s organic capacity; cardiovascular, respiration and muscular systems. You can find them on this site (Professional Swimming Workouts) or books (Games Gimmicks Challenges for Swimming Coaches).

Start with repeat 25’s on comfortable rest intervals (send-offs-SO) and as fitness improves shorten the SO and increase the length of repeat; i.e. 50, 75, 100, 125, etc…).

Most swimmers don’t need longer distances, especially Masters as it requires more time and commitment than they have at their age. Masters can get fit on repeat 25’s if done with good streamlining and variations in breath control.

Training sets are DIRT dependent; Distance-Interval-Repeat-Time. (how far, how often, how many, how fast) and expressed as; _R_ x _D_ (_T_) @ _I_.

How that helps and motivates.

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