Dreamfuel – Fuel Sandra’s Quest to Compete in the FINA Open Water Circuit

Sandra Frimerman-Bergquist aspires to compete against the best in the world at the FINA Open Water Professional Circuit in 2018.

Sandra dedicates her swimming to raising awareness about health and fitness, but most importantly, to the mental health benefits of swimming, an area where she has personal experience. Swimming has provided an outlet for her to ease her anxiety and keep her life in balance.

She has competed in Open Water swimming for over 10 years but now having upped her training and losing 95 pounds she is not only competing but also winning most of the races. In 2017, Sandra swam over 130 miles and took home 1st place in 13 events, including the USMA Open Water National Championship in the Tennessee River Gorge, the Swim Around Charleston in South Carolina, and the Minnetonka Challenge in Excelsior.

However, to reach the next level of competition she needs funding to have access to these resources, along with covering race fees. Now she needs our help to continue her journey as an open-water marathon swimmer!

We are proud to support swimming related Dreamfuel campaigns with a $100 donation each and want to thank all of our premium members who make this possible!

About Dreamfuel

Dreamfuel is the premier high-level crowd-funding platform specifically designed by and for athletes. They work with each athlete or athletic organization to tap into the community that surrounds them, thereby engaging new fans and supporters along the way.

There is an assumption that all Olympians, Olympic hopefuls and elite athletes have sponsors. This is far from the case, as 85% of Olympic hopefuls’ income is less than 15k USD / year. Dreamfuel’s goal is to provide athletes with a new revenue stream to support their incredible efforts outside of or in addition to the traditional means of sponsorships and governing body stipends.

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