International Water Safety Foundation

The International Water Safety Foundation is a non-profit organization raising drowning awareness while bringing basic swimming, water safety, and safe rescue skills to children in developing countries.

For International Water Safety Day this year,Executive Director Nathan Tschohl treaded water for 10 hours straight in the Chesapeake Bay. A lifelong swimmer and advocate for water safety, Nate has been around water his entire life. The son of a retired United States Coast Guard Captain, he grew up with a keen sense of the importance of water safety while living near the Great Lakes, Atlantic Ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico.

Mission Statement:
“Striving to make a planet that’s 70% water, 100% water safe!”

His passion for swimming and drowning prevention led him to volunteering for the Virginia Special Olympics, the Josh Project, and ultimately toward raising water safety awareness via International Water Safety Day (May 15).

Nate’s Tread-A-Thon for SWIM Cambodia!

Money raised through his Tread-A-Thon will go to support SWIM Cambodia in teaching aquatic survival skills, safe rescue techniques, and CPR to Cambodians so that they can then pass on these skills to other Cambodians through an open source curriculum called the Aquatic Survival Programme.

Find out more about the International Water Safety Foundation, the Aquatic Survival Programme and their projects on the drowning awareness website.

ProSwimWorkouts was able to make a $100 donation in April 2017.
Thanks to all of our premium members who make this possible!

PSW Donation IWSD 2017

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