Lane 8 Fund

Lane 8 is a fundraiser to level the playing field for inner-city youth in the sport of swimming by Adam Monk. The name Lane 8 stems from the idea that in the sport of swimming, the swimmer in lane 8 is the underdog of the race.

One of the biggest goals for Lane 8 is to show these kids not everyone has the same odds of success, but you find a way and never pity yourself.

Lane 8 Fund

Where does the money go?

    • Membership fees for the five selected athletes
    • Basic competition suits for the athletes to wear during practice and meets
    • Nice pair of goggles to last an entire season
    • Multiple swim caps for each athlete to wear for practice and meets.

These are the basic necessities. Goals beyond this would include matching warm-ups or new swim caps for city finals.

Find out more about the Lane 8 Fund on their CrowdRise page at

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Lane 8 Donation

Lane 8 Fund – Donation History

Donation 1 Donation 2 Donation 3 Donation 4
 Sep 2014 – $100  Sep 2015 – $100  Jan 2016 – $100  Sep 2016 – $100

Lane 8 Fund Thank You Note

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