Shallow Water Blackout Prevention

Shallow Water Blackout (SWB) can affect anyone breath-holding underwater. People who hold their breath while swimming or practicing breath-holding underwater in pools are at risk of “passing out” due to lack of oxygen.

When oxygen levels fall to critical levels, blackout is instantaneous and frequently occurs without warning. Carbon dioxide levels in the blood are primarily responsible for the swimmer’s desire to breathe. When the level of carbon dioxide in the blood is driven to artificially low levels as a result of hyperventilation or excessive breath-holding activities, the desire to breathe is diminished. This artificial method of fooling the body into thinking it does not need oxygen is deadly, as it lures the breath-holder into believing he can hold his breath longer than he safely can.

Watch the short video below explaining SWB or download the PDF brochure with more details at

Shallow Water Blackout Prevention is a non-profit organization that was founded by the Milner Family after the tragic loss of their son, Whitner Milner, who was practicing breath-holding in the family pool and succumbed to shallow water blackout. Their mission is to prevent senseless deaths from shallow water blackout through awareness and education.

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