Swimming with Bobby – Episode 2 – Thomas Fraser-Holmes

Welcome to ‘Swimming with Bobby’, Episode 2 featuring Australian Swim Team veteran Thomas Fraser-Holmes.

Listen to ‘Tommy’ talk about lockdown, humble beginnings and his journey onto the Australian team with lots of laughs, stories, and detailing the highs and lows about being a professional swimmer. From Sun Yang pushing 1:46’s at training to bodysuits and dream relay teams.

Episode 2 – Podcast Notes:

2:22 Re-living NSW State Open/Nationals cancellation
5:31 Who has some the most kilometres ever in Australian history?
7:04 Olympic postponement: Who does the benefit/hurt?
12:24 Lockdown Daily routine on the Gold Coast
14:00 Early stages of career in Newcastle
17:10 ‘The Chat’ with Eric Arnold
22:00 The early morning ‘heart starter’
24:57 The AIS with Vince Raleigh
28:00 AIS stories
32:41 2010 making your first Australian Team at 18
34:11 Mucking around vs Shannon Rollason
38:01 2010 Pan Pacs in California
42:50 2012-2016 Olympic Games
48:45 The move to Miami – Grant Hackett, Sun Yang, Dan Smith, Jordy Harrison
52:05 Dennis’ training sets – Sun descending to 1.46 long course
56:30 Chasing the elusive Olympic medal
1:01:30 Vince vs Dennis vs Bohly
1:03:23 ‘Why Not Me?” swim clinics
1:05:30 Tom’s first drug test
1:07:52 All time AUS 4x100m Medley Relay Team + miscellaneous stories

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