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swimnerd Pace Clocks

swimnerd Pace Clocks

They re-invented the pace clock by listening to dozens of coaches, swimmers, and triathletes just like you. And they also wanted to create something for everyone so they even made a mobile app to do just that!

“Swimming revolves around time. The pace clock is the focal point of swim practice.
And swim practice is at the heart of our sport.”

Water Monsters, LLC (d/b/a swimnerd) is an American product and software development company based out of Virginia Beach. Started by two unabashed swimnerds (Nate Tschohl and George Rector), they couldn’t be more thankful to all the people that have inspired, educated, and believed in them.

Their mission:

  • Create the quintessential swimming ecosystem.
  • Provide real value through innovative solutions.
  • Democratize the sport of swimming.

It’s time our pace clocks reflect the technologically diverse environment our athletes train in. We seek to improve swimming’s fundamental building block in three main ways:

  1. Make pace clocks affordable. Swim teams aren’t made of money. We will provide real value by cutting out the middle man and selling them directly to you. From our American manufacturer to your pool deck.
  2. Make pace clocks useful. After spending 3 hours failing to understand the 20 page manual for a 20+ button controller, we gave up on trying to program practice sets into our existing pace clock. We put a man on the moon in 1969 but we can’t connect our phone to our pace clocks? Our pace clocks will Bluetooth connect to your phone and control the clock through our Swim Practice mobile app.
  3. Make pace clocks personal. You won’t need a clock to use the Swim Practice app at the end of your lane as your personal pace clock. We highly suggest a waterproof phone case, though. This is especially awesome for Master swimmers, triathletes, and fitness focus folks. Share your swim practices with your team, teammates, or the global network of swimnerds.

For more information on their project and find out about the rewards you can get
by backing their campaign, please visit their Kickstarter page at

If you want to find more about the people behind the project, please visit the swimnerds website or follow them on their social media accounts (Twitter or Facebook).

We want to thank our community of premium members making it possible for us to support
the swimnerds and their Kickstarter campaign with a $100 pledge.

swimnerd Kickstarter

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