The Poolside Pass

ProSwimWorkouts is excited to announce a collaboration agreement with The Poolside Pass. Coaching is all about sharing ideas and continual development through sharing knowledge and experience. PSW and The Poolside Pass are both about just that!

The Poolside Pass has quickly become a leader in the United Kingdom with a global reach for informal coach development with podcasts and blog posts containing insightful information and stories. Their team aims to promote lifelong learning and development for coaches, swimmers and parents alike. In order to achieve this, communicating and sharing as a community is a fundamental principle they follow in the form of blog posts and podcast interviews.

We look forward to collaborating over the coming year and support The Poolside Pass with their mission and efforts. One way for you to provide further support as a member of our communities or a listener of The Poolside Pass Podcast, is to purchase a premium membership for the PSW platform at 40% off regular pricing using the coupon code “thepoolsidepass”.

You can listen to all episodes of the Poolside Pass Podcast by subscribing on your favorite outlet such as Spotify or Apple Podcasts. Also follow the The Poolside Pass on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to hear about new episodes first!

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