Welcome to ProSwimWorkouts

Are you passionate about swimming? Are you a swim coach or an athlete wondering how your competition spends their time in the pool? Did you ever wanted to share what you do every day but didn’t know how?

Well, now you can do all of it in one place – welcome to ProSwimWorkouts! The one place for you to get your daily swim workout! Get professional swim workouts by professional swim coaches.

What’s this all about?

A lot of coaches (myself included) talk about how they would like to share what they’re doing, get feedback from other coaches and see how other coaches work with their athletes. Yet, only few of us make the efforts or take the time needed to share their experience with another coach…not at last because there are still many that don’t have the privilege to be a full time coach. Their days are filled with commitments without counting the time they spend on deck. And let’s be honest, even in this day and age, unless you pick up your phone to call your friend who’s coaching with the team in the next town, sharing your experiences and knowledge, still isn’t an easy thing.

That’s exactly where I hope ProSwimWorkouts will step in and help you share your experiences and knowledge and this with the coach from the team in the next town but also with coaches from all over the world!

How to get involved?

If you’re a swim coach* and would like to start contributing workouts, please fill out our registration form. Coaches will get free access to all the resources on ProSwimWorkouts for as long as they contribute to the website on a regular basis.

If you’re an athlete or simply a swimming enthusiast, you can register as a free ProSwimWorkouts member and access our free workouts or choose one of our subscription plans.

* all coaches applying as such to ProSwimWorkouts will have to provide proof of identity.

Where’s the catch?

I would like to think that there isn’t one. ProSwimWorkouts has no financial interest other than trying to help a few more of the hard working athletes in our sport. Coaches contributing will get their share of  subscription revenue and single sold workouts to help support one of their chosen athletes or their own team. How much could or will it be? We don’t know yet! There’s a chance that this isn’t going to work and there won’t be anything coming out of ProSwimWorkouts for contributing coaches (or the swimming community for this matter). It could be enough to buy a new swim cap, pair of goggles or kickboard. Who knows, if this does take off, maybe for some this will help fund training trips.

How did this start and who’s behind ProSwimWorkouts?

My name is Nico Messer and since October 2014, I’m the Elite Coach of the Limmat Sharks Zurich in Switzerland. And I really don’t want to make this any longer than needed. ProSwimWorkouts isn’t about a single person but about an idea and an amazing community of coaches and athletes.

This project has been in my mind for about a year now. The idea came up on me when one of my former coaches and friends, Mark Hill, started talking about the Professional Swimming League and their Pro Dual swim meet. We did hold each other accountable for our own words that day. Mark together with CW Elite swimmer Bobby Savulich held their promise by organizing the first Pro Dual Meet last November. So it was about time for myself to get things out of my head and get this going!

So again, welcome to ProSwimWorkouts! Please feel free to leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts or get in touch through our contact form. Happy swimming!

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Prince Easton
6 years ago

good stuff so far. Good day, I’m Prince from Jamaica. i coach a group of 8-11 yrs old swimmers in my country. I’m trying to improve my coaching skills as i been doing it for about over twenty (20) years. thou it seems like yesterday since i have been doing this. i love to teach, i love to see the improvement from one level to another, i have had many successful stories behind me but i think i can do better. Therefore i’m here seeking knowledge.

4 years ago