PSW Podcast – Episode 3 – Andrew Sheaff – Part 1

In this Podcast series we talk to expert and longtime Coach Andrew Sheaff about the importance of skill development, what skills matter most, and the application of those skills in the competitive arena to produce fast swimming. You will also hear about his recent published book titled “A Constraints-led Approach to Swim Coaching” and how you can apply those methods in your own day-to-day coaching with your athletes.

Part 1 – Face to Face

In this first episode of our three part series with Coach Sheaff, we are getting to know Andrew and learn about his vast experience in the coaching profession and skills development space. As we learn about Andrew’s own experience from the early age in the sport of swimming, we find out how he himself relied mostly on physical attributes rather than skills. Andrew also provides advice about how to progress and keep evolving in your own coaching career based on his many years at the elite level in the sport.

You can listen to the episode via the audio player or switch to the video of the recording below.


00:27 Welcome
00:50 Andrew Sheaff introduces himself
02:40 Andrew’s experience as an athlete
04:40 First steps into coaching
07:00 Stepping outside the swim coaching bubble
09:10 Does a high-level athlete make a better coach?
11:55 How to progress in your coaching career
14:30 Important Skills & Recommendations for swim coaches
18:00 Closing

Links & Resources:

Coach Andrew Sheaff (Website)
A Constraints-Led Approach to Swim Coaching (The Book)
Build Better Sets (Free 7 day Intro

About Andrew Sheaff

Over the last 15 years, Andrew has coached collegiate swimming in the United States, helping athletes accomplish their goals of swimming faster, winning conference and national championships, setting national records, and becoming Olympians. Andrew also has an extensive background in strength and conditioning. In 2007, he worked as an intern at Pittsburgh University before interning with the Cleveland Browns throughout the summer. Sheaff worked alongside elite training staff, learning different programming techniques for developing advanced training programs. A collegiate swimmer at Pittsburgh, Andrew was named the Senior Athlete of Distinction. He was a four-time Big East Academic All-Star and a four-time University Scholar Athlete. Andrew has a bachelor of science in exercise science from Pittsburgh and a masters in exercise physiology from Maryland.

Coaching Pathway

2017-2021 University of Virginia (first as Volunteer then as Assistant Coach)
Andrew helped guide Virginia’s women’s team to the program’s first NCAA Championship in 2020-21.
2012-2017 Northwestern University (Associate Head Coach)
2009-2012 Bucknell University
2007-2009 University of Maryland (Volunteer Coach)

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