PSW Podcast – Episode 3 – Andrew Sheaff – Part 3

In this Podcast series we talk to expert and longtime Coach Andrew Sheaff about the importance of skill development, what skills matter most, and the application of those skills in the competitive arena to produce fast swimming. You will also hear about his recent published book titled “A Constraints-led Approach to Swim Coaching” and how you can apply those methods in your own day-to-day coaching with your athletes.

Part 3 – Build Better Sets

In the last episode of our three part series on skills development, you will hear first-hand about Coach Nico’s experience working with Coach Andrew during the 6 week course. What are the different stages and elements included in the weekly calls? And what are the learnings and key takeaways in retrospective?

About the Course

“Are you tired of spending weeks on technique work, only to see your swimmers’ skills fall apart as soon as they start working hard or swimming fast? You can learn how to dramatically improve the skills that build speed without changing your training! Start for free with 7 minutes a day for 7 days and contact Coach Andrew Sheaff to work with you, if you want to continue the learning process of building better skills.”

You can listen to the episode via the audio player or switch to the video of the recording below.


– 00:27 Welcome
– 02:30 Course Introduction by Coach Andrew
– 04:40 Nico sharing his overall experience about working with Andrew
– 08:00 Andrew and Nico discussing the start of their 6 week learning path
– 10:30 How to integrate skills work into your daily coaching?
– 14:20 How to write better sets and adapt skills for different levels while training hard?
– 20:10 How to plan and implement skills development in your team’s season?
– 24:35 Nico summarizing his 6 week learning experience
27:55 Additional take-aways
31:00 How to find out more about skills development and work with Coach Andrew
– 32:30 Closing

Links & Resources:

Coach Andrew Sheaff (Website)
Build Better Sets (Free 7 day Intro)
A Constraints-Led Approach to Swim Coaching (The Book)

About Andrew Sheaff

Over the last 15 years, Andrew has coached collegiate swimming in the United States, helping athletes accomplish their goals of swimming faster, winning conference and national championships, setting national records, and becoming Olympians.

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