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Sprint Free – Getting Stronger With Jason Lezak

When I heard about Jason Lezak’s Sprint Free DVD, I had to get a copy for myself but also to review it for ProSwimWorkouts. There’s something about Jason, other than the fact that he probably had the most amazing relay swim in Olympic history, making you want to know how he did stay as fit and strong over the years.

Some of you might remember or had seen the article about “Weight Training for Sprint Swimmers” featuring Jason Lezak in 2005. Although some of the things are similar to what’s shown in the DVD, to me there are some differences – the focus of that article from 2005 seems to be more on actually lifting weights, whereas in the DVD the focus seems more on creating “the burn” you’ll experience in your races (even without using any added weight or resistance as is the case in the DVD for many of the leg exercises). Continue Reading