The Swim Brief – Checking In With Nicolas Messer

In this episode of The Swim Brief Podcast Coach Nico checks in with Chris DeSantis from a brand new geographic location.

They talk about how he ended up in Lund, Sweden, and what his new job as SUM-Sim Tränare with Simklubben Poseidon entails. During this discussion, they briefly talk about the upcoming World Aquatic Development Conference (WADC) as well as the Swedish Center for Aquatic Research (SCAR). Chris has traveled to Lund with his team while he was working in Denmark to take advantage of AIM – a high-speed camera system with 23 high definition (100fps) cameras capturing both underwater and above water swimming technique.

Although most of this episode is more of a “deck talk” between two coaching friends and providing more “entertainment” than real swimming talk value, they also get into the topic of streamlines! Is it time to reconsider the streamline? Are streamlines bad? Chris puts Nico on the spot on whether he has joined the anti-streamline coalition.

If you want to hear more about the future of streamlines listen to the “Streamlines Are Bad With Joel Rollings” episode of The Swim Brief Podcast.

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Episode: #12
Host: Chris DeSantis
Guest: Nico Messer
AIM Systems
Streamlines Are Bad With Joel Rollings

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