The Swim Brief – Giving Thanks for Short Intervals

Coach Nico Messer and Coach Chris DeSantis talked about longer interval training a few weeks back. On this episode they tackle shorter intervals and all the stuff associated with it, whether it’s speed work or USRPT.

They also discussed Nico’s Thanksgiving plans, how to avoid talking politics with your right wing uncle (Jay Chambers) and how recreational swimmers in Switzerland react to a few seconds delay. Also enjoy a cameo from Chris’ landlord and a plumber trying to fix the heat in his apartment.

Podcast Details
Episode: #9
Host: Chris DeSantis
Guest: Nico Messer

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About Chris DeSantis Coaching

There is a lot more to excellence than how you move in the pool. Your mindset determines how much you get out of a practice or a competition. Serious swimmers also know that technical skills make all the difference. Coach Chris can get you personalized workouts that deliver incredibly efficient results. You can get improvement with less time in the water and a better life out of it, keep the sport fun for kids, or take high level performance even higher.

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