The Swim Brief – Hiring Season

This is a special “Hiring Season” episode of the Swim Brief with Nico Messer and Chris DeSantis. They talk about the “season” from both the perspective of someone doing the hiring and someone looking for a job.

After the recording they kept talking for a few minutes and agreed to have missed mentioning how the work environment as well as the “people” (future boss and other members on staff) have become a more important factor in their own “quests” of looking for a job.

During the hour long episode, they will tell you everything else they’ve learned from getting jobs, and not getting them.

Podcast Details “References”
Episode: #10
Host: Chris DeSantis
Guest: Nico Messer

You can find out and hear more on the topic of hiring (and professionalism) on episode #5 with special guest Coach Kathleen Prindle of Performance Aquatics.

Do you have an opinion on this week’s topic or experience with hiring? We would love to hear it! Please leave a comment below or send us a message with your feedback for this episode.

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About Chris DeSantis Coaching

There is a lot more to excellence than how you move in the pool. Your mindset determines how much you get out of a practice or a competition. Serious swimmers also know that technical skills make all the difference. Coach Chris can get you personalized workouts that deliver incredibly efficient results. You can get improvement with less time in the water and a better life out of it, keep the sport fun for kids, or take high level performance even higher.

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