The Swim Brief – Swim Brief Returns! with Nico Messer

Chris DeSantis’ life changed dramatically somewhere around March of this year when the pandemic started to hit the US. After successfully recording over 100 episodes of the Swim Brief Podcast, however, the show came to an abrupt stop.

You can read more of the circumstances and other “updates” from Chris’ experience in the lockdown as well as his plan for the future of the Podcast in his blog post (link below).

In this “first” episode back, Nico and Chris catch up on each others life after they had spent time working together in Norway before the “global shutdown” and then continue talking about the challenges, opportunities, and possible “pitfalls” of coaching during (and after) the pandemic.

Podcast Details

Episode: #14
Guest Host: Nico Messer
Host: Chris DeSantis

Links from the Episode

The Swim Brief is Coming Back (Announcement Blog Post)
Jersey Wahoos Swim Club

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About Chris DeSantis Coaching

There is a lot more to excellence than how you move in the pool. Your mindset determines how much you get out of a practice or a competition. Serious swimmers also know that technical skills make all the difference. Coach Chris can get you personalized workouts that deliver incredibly efficient results. You can get improvement with less time in the water and a better life out of it, keep the sport fun for kids, or take high level performance even higher.

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