The Swim Brief – The Legend of 100x100s

Following up on last week’s introduction, we have it out about 100×100 and sets like it. We take both sides of the debate and discuss some of the things we look for when considering a swim practice like this.

We try our best to keep the episodes around 30 minutes and almost run out of time on this one. There will certainly be another “Myths and Legends” show in the future as we have more workouts like it in the archives to talk about.

Podcast Details Workout(s) Discussed
Episode: #2
Host: Chris DeSantis
Guest: Nico Messer
100×100 | Jan 1, 2012 – Vevey Natation (Camp Luxembourg)

Do you have an opinion on this week’s topic? We would love to gather some “data” on it! Take our pool, leave a comment below or send us a message with your feedback for this episode.

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5 years ago

How old were the swimmers? Would you do something like this with 11-14-year-old swimmers?

Reply to  Marinda Stuiver
5 years ago

In my case when I did it last time with a team a couple years ago, all athletes were 14 and up. We also had a 3h practice set aside for this session and it was during a training trip. With younger swimmers you could potentially have everybody follow the same interval and adapt distances to 75’s or 50’s – or try 50×100’s instead to see how they do. As we mention in the episode, it might actually be less about the 100×100’s more so about challenging the athletes and have them achieve something they didn’t believe possible.