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09/09/2013 PM – Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center (Schroeder North – Junior I)

09/09/2013 PM – Walter Schroeder Aquatic Center (Schroeder North – Junior I)

Today was our first day of practice for the 2013-2014 short course season. We started out with some freestyle flotation drills.

These are designed to get the athletes thinking about their body position in a static environment. After focusing on body position and feel for the water in the floating position, we move into what I have come to call the “Restart Position”.

Restart is designed to heighten the athletes awareness of body position and feel for the water in a dynamic environment (please see:

Each drill after re-start work builds on this foundation (perfect body lines)

Year 2, Season 1, Week 1, Day 1, Practice 1 (09/09/2013 PM)
1018 Days until 2016 US Olympic Swimming Trials

400 swim (mix-it-up)

Body Position-work:
Flotation Drill

  • “X” position
  • “Y” position
  • “I” position

Re-Start Position (freestyle, kick only)

  • Bottom arm extended and is in perfect alignment with body (think “I” position)
  • Top arm: elbow in line with side, hand draped over the stomach
  • Head is down, eyes are forward
  • DO NOT PUSH OFF THE WALL, start from 0 mph

12 x 25 on :45, Kick in Re-start Position (Freestyle)

Technique Talk:
Hip-Driven Freestyle

  • Most efficient (in terms of energy consumption per duration)
  • The style you want to utilize the majority of the time
  • Characterized by a hip rotation, followed by a shoulder rotation – The arm extends and the glide occurs on the hip.

Hip-Driven Drills:
12 x 25 on :45 – Kick in Freestyle Re-start Position

12 x 25 on 45 – Kick/Drill Progression
3: 1-12 Drill – 3: 1-6 Drill – 3: 1-3 Drill – 3: 3-3 Drill

24 x 25 on :30
odd: Easy Swim – even: Dive Sprint (Freestyle, swing dive only)

600 cool-down (every 4th – 25 = 1-12 Drill)


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