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Apr 24, 2014 – CNBA Tunisia

The focus of this workout was on breastroke. Before each workout we stretch 10 to 15 minutes. A swimmer who works out breaststroke must stretch his legs before practice and during practice to prevent pulls to the groin, and to the medial collateral ligament.

In water: warm up slowly, never kicking hard or pulling hard.
Never forget : make every turn a race turn and push off hard underwater. Try to go 11-12 yards off each wall, and work the first stroke up!

400 free: 50 Left 50 right 50 Catch 50 swim x2
400 IM ( 50 kick 50 swim)
6*50 IM free on 1:00

10*50 breast Kick + parachute on 1:30

Main Set:
8*25 breast on :30 desc 1 to 4 (4th is All out !)
100 free on 1:45
4*50 breast on :1:00
100 free on 1:45Apr 24, 2014 – CNBA Tunisia - Breaststroke Workout
2*100 breast on 2:00
100 free on 1:45
200 breast on 4:00 (build)
100 free on 1:45
2*100 breast on 1:40
100 free on 1:45
4*50 breast :50
100 free on 1:45
8*25 breast on :25 (desc 1 to 4) continuous
take 2 minutes rest after the entire set is complete then do the next one

Kick Set:
10*100 on kick: 2:00 – on full stroke: 1:45
odds: kick breast – evens: full stroke breast DSP

4×200 free Pull buoy on 3:00 End 1 ( HR: 130/140)
try to do long streamline after each turn

Finish with 5min start + 15m speed breast (try swim fast without taking breath but normal stroke)

300 easy


This free workout was provided by CNBA Tunisia Head Age Group Coach Hatem Hamed.

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