Apr 28, 2018 – Campbell River Killer Whales

We continued with a previous focus of rotation and pull efficiency – pulling the principles forward through the breaststroke set by holding a tight streamline through the repeated kicks with the intention of emphasizing forward motion.

This workout came at a time when the swimmers were starting to lose focus often in practice, so we took some time at the beginning of practice to work some mental imagery. Swimmers were instructed to visualize a practice that had gone particularly well and to identify sensory memories: feel, taste, smell, sight, sound.

Apr 28, 2018 – Campbell River Killer Whales

They each chose the one sensory memory that was strongest and wrote it on the whiteboard alongside the workout so they could return to that memory any time they began to lose focus.


3 x 100 free with snorkel on 2:30
* high elbow lead and over rotate

4 rounds of:
4 x 25 breast on :45
Round 1: 4 kick 1 pull — Round 2: 3 kick 1 pull — Round 3: 2 kick 1 pull — Round 4: 1 kick 1 pull
200 back on 5:00
* low stroke count and over rotate

Workout Total: 1500

This workout was provided by Campbell River Killer Whales Assistant Head Coach Sarah MacDonald.

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