Aug 10, 2014 – Haden Hill Swimming Club

This is a session plan for a 75 minute session for GB ASA stage 8 swimmers I did last week. The kids were about 8-9 years old. Focus is always on technique and basic aerobic development.

The 10x75m breast means they get practice breast-breast turns and breast-FC turns. I probably could’ve got them going off faster times, but it’s all about technique at such a young age. I like to break the stroke down into kick / pull and then put it together.

Workout Competitive Development ASA NPTS Stage 8

6 x 75m LIFO as 2 FC – Breathe every 3 strokes, 2 FC kick, 2 FC – breathe every 4 strokes

Breaststroke Technique + (EN1) Aerobic Development:
2 x 25m breast kick off approx 1:30

  • Push out with ankles, whip legs together and squeeze
  • Hold glide for count 2

4 x 25m breaststroke 2 kicks / 1 pull off 1:15

  • Keep hands and elbows in front of chest
  • Bring together in praying position and slide forward
  • Hold streamline for count 2 after kick and recovery
  • Always looking at hands. Move head!

10 x 75m as 50m breast, 25m FC off 2:30ish

  • Excellent technique. Hold glide for count 2 on breast!
  • Slide hands forward on FC entry before pulling back
  • Fast turns, bounce off wall into streamlined position

Contrasting Activity:
Dives from deep end to half way. Go thru IM.

  • Practice streamline & fly kicks


This workout was provided by Haden Hill SC Coach Matthew Lowe.

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