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Aug 28, 2017 – NCAP West

Aug 28, 2017 – NCAP West

Second week of short course (yards) season and we have introduced almost all of our kick positions, drill progressions, and training habits to the group.

Underwater kick outs are set at a standard of 5 and each athlete is also working to achieve landmarks on kick out and pull outs. We have begun to implement this all into aerobic training with this session. We cap it off with a quick interval challenge and some best average kicking!


Snorkel on
800 as 300 Swim/200 Human paddle/100 Salute/200 Swim

4 x 200 BR (3:15) #1=Cycle K, #2=Nelson, #3=Kristy, #4=Swim
8 x 100 BK 2 rounds (1:45) PTP, (1:35) Shotgun (1:25) 2 swim Dec 1-2
32 x 25 FL (:25) as
1-8 Kick 2 each R,L,BK,Surf;
9-16 Sweep Drill;
7-24 drill 4 each Catch, 1-1-2;
25-32 BES R,L,Forward

6 x 300 FR As 1-3 S/K/P continious
4-6 (3:30) Dec 1-3

5 x (3 x 50 K (:45) Best Avg + 50 EZ)
200 EZ

Workout Total: 6000

Additional Comments:
Happy to explain any kick positions and or drills!

This workout was provided by NCAP West Head Coach Jeremy Linn.

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About Jeremy Linn

Jeremy Linn won a silver medal in the 1996 Olympics. He swam for NCAP and has been with the program for over 20 years. [Read Bio]

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Andreas Friedrich

Hello, what do you mean in the first 2 sets? Can you explain the drills please?
4 x 200 BR (3:15) #1=Cycle K, #2=Nelson, #3=Kristy, #4=Swim
8 x 100 BK 2 rounds (1:45) PTP, (1:35) Shotgun (1:25) 2 swim Dec 1-2

What is Sweep Drill in the fly set?