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Aug 30, 2017 – PSA – Anaerobic Power Workout

Aug 30, 2017 – PSA – Anaerobic Power Workout

We are three weeks out from our State Championships and running a modified seven week final cycle as opposed to our normal 5 week cycle. As a result we will be doing aerobic and anaerobic power sets this week.


1 x 400m Free with Fins @ 6:00
2 x 100m Breaststroke with quality turns
8 x 25m Free with Fins Dec 1-3+1 @ :45
2 x 100m Breaststroke Kk/sw/dr/sw Dec 1-2 @ 2:00
3 x 25m Dive Sprint Choice @ 1:10

Anaerobic Power Set:
2 x 100m broken at 50m for 10sec Main stroke; 3:00 break between each
Goal: Controlled speed on the first 50m; Increase stroke rate on the second 50m and maintain through to the end.

8 x 100m All Fast Kick main stroke – with T-shirts – can add snorkels @ 2:20
20 x 50m Various Pull variations using bands, buoys and paddles; some with fists, etc. @ 1:00
6 x 100m Kk/sw/dr/sw 1 IMO, 1 Free @ 2:00

Workout Total: 4000

This workout was provided by Peninsula Sports Academy Head Coach Alex Webb.

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About Coach Alex Webb

PSA under the directorship of Alex provides Coach and Teacher development and education as well as coaching services to swim clubs. [Read Bio]

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