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Cabrini Swimming Off Season Dryland Circuit

This is a dryland circuit we have out together for our team during the offseason. Every exercise is for a minute and you try to get in as many reps as you can – choose relatively light weights for max reps, but a weight that will still tire you out.

For the 3:00 segments of cardio, try to push yourself -not necessarily an all-out sprint, but on a scale of 1-10, I’d say an 8.

Thought you might want to try it – repeat this entire thing 2 times (or do it just 1 time through for your first time):

3:00 Bike/Run/Jog – your choice (I’ve been biking, but might switch to running)
1:00 Bench Press or Push Ups
1:00 Squats w/ dumbbells
1:00 Pull Ups
3:00 Bike/Run/Jog
1:00 Military Press w/ dumbbells
1:00 Lunges w/ dumbbells – do 1:00 for EACH LEG
1:00 Bicep Curls w/ dumbbells
3:00 Bike/Run/Jog
1:00 Tricep Extensions w/ dumbbell
1:00 Leg Extensions on machine – if no machine, repeat Squats w/ dumbbells
1:00 Leg Curls on machine – if no machine, repeat Lunges w/ dumbbells
3:00 Bike/Run/Jog
1:00 Sit Ups
1:00 Leg Throws
1:00 Bicycle Crunches
1:00 Regular Crunches
3:00 Bike/Run/Jog

This free dryland circuit was provided by Cabrini College Swimming Assistant Coach Kevin Pierce.

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About Kevin Pierce

Coach Pierce returned to Ridley as the Boys Head Coach in 2014. He brings over 12 years of coaching experience to the Green Raiders. [Read Bio]

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