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CNBA Tunisia – Hyper Distance Swimming

Hyper distance swim workout by CNBA Tunisia Head Age Group Coach Hatem Hamed.

  • Pair strech (15min)
  • Basic body core (15min)

1600m SKPS/400m choice Mix

Main set 1:
2x800m -11’00
8x200m -2:50/3:00 mix
100 losen & recovery

Main set 2:
4x400m -4:45/5:00 Pull
6x300m-3:40/3:50 choice Mix
16×100 -1:30/1:25/1:20/1:15 {1-2-1}
100 losen & recovery
16x100m -1:40/1:35/1:30 {1-2-1} kick +zum (dolphin-free)

Main set 3:
8x200m 2:40/2:35/2:30. {1-2-1} pull mix
100 losen & recovery
12x100m IM 1:30 free1:15
28x50m back-breast / breast -free/ free hard -45/40/35

Warm down:
800 drill choice and free EZ


This free workout was provided by CNBA Tunisia Head Age Group Coach Hatem Hamed.

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About Hito Hita

Head Age Group Coach at CNBA Tunisia.

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Goewaart Oplinus

Looks like a very heavy workout to me :) Nice!

What’s the main goal for your athletes with these workouts. What kind of competition?

Hatem Hamed

This Workout for long distance Swimmers (800/1500m)And Its a good preparation for open sea competition like 5k and 10k .