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CNBA Tunisia – Ultra-Short Race Pace Training

In this ultra-short race pace training session I have provided sets covering the 400 and 1500 events for those specialising in longer distance.

Remember to follow the rules below. As well as including time for a skills set – there is time at the end to develop swimmer’s mental skills; an element in swimming which is often neglected.

Warm-up:Coach Hatem Hamed Opportunity
2 x 100 Frontcrawl Swim @ 01:50 80 / 90% effort x 100

Swim skills:
15 x 25 Back Swim Sprint @ 01:15
Starts from blocks. Break-out then 2 max stroke cycles. Easy for remainder.

Recovery 1:
200 Back Swim Aerobic low-int @ 01:30

Race-pace 1:
25 x 100 Frontcrawl Swim P1500 @ 01:30
Adjust rest interval to = 20 rest for each lane.

Recovery 2:
2 x 200 Back Swim Aerobic low-int (kick & swim, swimmer to choose mix) @ 03:20

Race-pace 2:
24 x 75 Frontcrawl Swim P400 @ 01:10
Adjust rest interval to = 20 secs rest for the different lanes.

Recovery 3:
400 Own choice Swim Aerobic low-int @ 06:30
Maintain high technique standard, including turns, underwater and finish.

Positive thinking: 15:00 Discuss


This free workout was provided by CNBA Tunisia Head Age Group Coach Hatem Hamed.

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