Coach Ludde – Ironman Race Pace

This set is to train at Ironman (IM) race pace and control DPS during the race pace. First part of set is to find splits and stroke count at race pace.


Second part is faster than IM race pace – the first 100 you start at IM race pace and swim faster up to all in. The last part is again a 475 at maximum effort.

If you want a race pace chart for your Ironman swim training, you can download my version at


Warm up:
1 x 300 ez

Main set (2 rounds):
4 x 100 IM pace rest 15s (count strokes 2nd 50)
1 x 475 IM pace (1/8 IM) rest 30s (DPS, count strokes every 3rd 50.)
4 x 100 Descend, rest 15s (start @ IM pace and faster)
1 x 475 All out!

Swim down:
1 x 200 ez


Find Workout #1 of the Ironman Race Pace sessions at

This free workout was provided by Coach Fredrik “Ludde” Lundin.

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8 years ago

What goal use distance 475 All out?

Reply to  ehab
8 years ago

I would think that Coach Ludde has chosen to go a 475 effort is due to the fact that he’s working his athletes on a set of 4×100 just before and it’s not unusual to work “over-distance” at this type of race pace training.