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Coach Stuart on High-Intensity Training

Coach Stuart on High-Intensity Training

Increasingly, coaches are recognising the evidence growing for high-intensity training (HIT) i.e. that it can produce the same physiological improvements/adaptations as high-volume, low-intensity training for those competing in 100, 200, 400, 800 & 1500m events but in considerably less time.

Coaches are constantly ranting about the lack of pool-time they have and about the small amount of time which can be used to improve swim-skills. Well HIT is your solution.

Please enjoy a free sample of a HIT set which you can apply to your swimmers.

Mainly based on age-group swimmers, volume can be reduced by one repeat on each high-intensity swim for junior swimmers, increase by one for senior swimmers. Interval guidelines in brackets.

Workout – HIT #1:
Any ONE stroke:
(Freestyle times used in example, based on a swimmer target time of 0.35 for 50m)

4 x 50 swim @ 90% effort on 0.55 (15-20 secs)

100 swim @ low-intensity

3 x 75 @ 90% effort on 1.10 (15 secs rest)

100 swim @ low-intensity

2 x 100 @ 90% effort on 1.25 (15 secs rest)

200 swim @ low-intensity



Additional Comments:
A set prior to this HIT set involving low-intensity technical work, descending to race-pace technical work (at short distance) would be appropriate.

Instead of adding one repeat or removing one high-intensity repeat as described above, coaches can reduce entire set to one set for juniors and three set repeats for senior swimmers.

Suggested low-intensity swim intervals = approx. 15-20 seconds rest

This free workout was provided by Coach Stuart Dustan.

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About Stuart Dustan

Coach Stuart is currently studying medicine and has a huge interest in the science of swimming, in particular the physiological aspect. [Full Bio]

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