Coach Stuart – Peer Coaching

Technical set including peer coaching followed by a race-pace set suitable for sprinters and anyone working on their 50m performances.


Warm up:
5 mins @ comfortable pace: familiarise with pool, focus on 1-2 technical aspects (carried on from previous sessions).

Technical set – Free:
8 x 25m Free: Descend every 2 x 25m to fast pace – focus on technical features for session, feedback provided by coaches.

8 – 12 x 25m each swimmer Free: 1-2 swimmers complete 2 x 25m and are giving feedback from their peers – who can observe underwater, on the deck or in the pool with head above the water. Aim for 1 positive and 1 learning point.

Race pace set:
12 – 15 x 25m Free: 10 strokes, focusing on technical points, at as close to race pace (50m) as possible. Remaining distance swum on back easy or front easy. (10-12 second interval).

Warm down:
10 – 20 mins continuous swimming in any form @ comfortable pace.

Additional Comments:
Fins during first technical if felt necessary – should be used if mix .

This free workout was provided by Coach Stuart Dustan.

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