Feb 15, 2023 – Swiss Army Team

Wednesday morning was off providing some extra sleep and rest spending time out in the sun of Tenerife. We were back at the pool in the afternoon with an aerobic and sprint focused workout including plenty of kicking for the sprint specialist of the group and a breaststroke based session for our distance (medley) athlete.

Our mid-distance freestyle specialist, Antonio Djakovic, joined back forces with his Coach Pablo Kutscher and his regular SCUW squad for most of the sessions while in Tenerife.

Below is the workout from Robin Yeboah focusing on the sprint events (50 & 100 fly, back, free).

Workout – Sprint (PM)

12×50 cruise as 3x free, 1x back @55”
3×100 choice kick @3’30 as
7” blast against wall, 7” rest, 7” tombstone blast off wall, finish regular easy
50 free breathe 5 or 7
50 choice as 15 breakout sprint from dive, 35 easy

12×50 cruise as 3x free @50”, 1x back @55”
3×100 kick as 7” MAX vertical fly kick, 7” rest, 15 UW fly sprint, finish choice easy @3’30
50 free breathe 7 or 9
50 choice as 25 sprint from dive, 25 easy

12×50 cruise w/fins (paddles optional) as 3x free @45″, 1x back @50”
3×100 choice kick w/fins as 25 FAST, 75 easy @2′
50 free w/fins (paddles optional) w/1 or no breath
50 choice w/fins (paddles optional) as 25 FAST, 25 easy

600 choice kick w/board (steady; hold between 1’50-2’)
300 fly kick w/fins on side
100 easy (fins optional) as 50 fly one arm drill, 50 breast w/fly kick


This workout was provided by Swiss Army Team Coach Nico Messer in collaboration with SVB Coach Xavier Fleury.

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