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Feb 19, 2017 – NCAP West – Aerobic Push

Feb 19, 2017 – NCAP West – Aerobic Push

A three hour Sunday morning aerobic push session. We are two days out of High School States and want to have a good aerobic push after an exciting weekend of racing (10,600 yards in 2 hours and 40 min will do the trick!).

Strength of mental approach was a priority as has been our commitment to finding way to create “GRIT” individually. We encouraged our athletes to be more disciplined than they have ever been toward developing great race habits, and to give 100% effort 1 rep at a time.

Feb 19, 2017 – NCAP West – Aerobic Push

Workout AM

8 x FR 200 – 25 x R
Increase energy each swim
K2/D2/S4 (send off on Captain)

Locomotive pull 1-4-4-1

3 rounds of the following:
400 FR (445) N/S check time @ 200
300 BR (415) 3k/2k 1p x 150
200 BK (245) build tempo x 50
100 FL (145) RA,LA,catch,swim x 25

18 x 100 K (145) every 3rd sub 1:20

60 x 50 as 4 choice @ best avg (40), 2 EZ (1)

300 ez

Workout Total: 10’600

This workout was provided by NCAP West Head Coach Jeremy Linn.

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About Jeremy Linn

Jeremy Linn won a silver medal in the 1996 Olympics. He swam for NCAP and has been with the program for over 20 years. [Read Bio]

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