Feb 20, 2023 – Swiss Army Team

Monday of week two at the Tenerife Top Training for the Team Armee athletes started with another half day off providing extra sleep and rest in the morning as we were getting ready to compete at the Lausanne Swim Cup over the coming weekend.

Both athletes went to the gym for a weight session following the afternoon practice in the pool. Our sprint specialist had an anaerobic capacity type workout and the distance (medley) athlete focused on aerobic IM and fly sprint during his swim.

Our mid-distance freestyle specialist, Antonio Djakovic, joined back forces with his Coach Pablo Kutscher and his regular SCUW squad for most of the sessions while in Tenerife.

Below is the workout from Robin Yeboah focusing on the sprint events (50 & 100 fly, back, free).

Workout – Sprint (PM)

7×50 free cruise w/fins (paddles optional) as 4x @50″, 3x @40″ (+1′)
50 free w/fins & paddles easy speed

300 choice kick w/fins, snorkel & stick
200 choice drill
100 as 25 no breath (UW kick, pullouts, or swim), 25 scull, 50 double arm back

4×50 choice as 3x (35 build & strong descend 1.-3., 15 easy), 1x (25 FAST, 25 easy) @1’30
3×100 (fins & paddles optional) as 50 back, 50 free breathe 5 @1’40
6×50 free (choice) “variables” @6′
[ v1: free best average OR (35 MAX, 15 easy – focus on UW and transition into swim) ]
[ v2: 3x 50 MAX, 2x (35 MAX, 15 easy), 1x (25 MAX, 25 easy) ]

600 free or back w/fins (paddles optional) as 100 kick, 50 swim, 50 kick, 100 swim

3×50 free (choice) w/fins & paddles “variables” @1’30
[ v1: “easy speed” (best average) – v2: 25 FAST, 25 easy ]

6×50 as 2x free breathe 5 @55″, 1x back kick @1’05
3×100 free or back w/fins (paddles optional) @1’40
300 choice kick w/fins loosen


This workout was provided by Swiss Army Team Coach Nico Messer in collaboration with SVB Coach Xavier Fleury.

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