Feb 8, 2023 – Swiss Army Team

Back in Magglingen at BASPO for a couple days joining all of the other Team Armee athletes for their “graduation” (promotion to privates) on Friday. Coming off three weeks of training at altitude in St. Moritz, we will use these days for some active recovery before traveling to Tenerife for our next camp as we approach the last phase of the preparation towards Long Course Nationals.

Our sprint specialist had an hour of active recovery including some kicking and breath control work while the distance (medley) athlete had an aerobic freestyle and medley based session. The mid-distance freestyler of the group was not in the pool today as he was working through some leg issues with his physio.

Below is the workout from Robin Yeboah focusing on the sprint events (50 & 100 fly, back, free).

Workout – Sprint (PM)

8×100 w/fins as 2x free DPS, 1x back @1’40
12×50 choice kick w/fins @55”
4×150 as 100 back, 50 free breathe 5 R15”
8×50 as 1x back kick @1’05, 1x free breathe 5 @55”
2×200 free DPS R20”
4×50 choice drill R10”

[ Wall kick: 3x (3x (7” blast, 13” hover) + R1’) ]
[ BC: 30” (45”) – 45” (1’) – 1’ ]
[ 5-10’ float drills ]


This workout was provided by Swiss Army Team Coach Nico Messer in collaboration with SVB Coach Xavier Fleury.

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