Feb 9, 2023 – Swiss Army Team

Thursday afternoon with more active recovery including mostly relaxed aerobic swimming. We didn’t have too much time at the pool today and made it somewhat a “nonstop” (at your own pace) session. We did have time to go to the weight room in the morning for a short lift. Our mid-distance athlete was back in the pool this afternoon but just doing 1.5k loosen by himself.

Below is the workout from Robin Yeboah focusing on the sprint events (50 & 100 fly, back, free).

Workout – Sprint (PM)

4×400 w/fins as 100 back rotation 1.-4., 300 free DPS R40”
200 as 50 choice drill, 25 scull
4×100 as 25 back rotation 1.-4., 75 free DPS R15”
200 as 50 choice drill, 25 scull
4×25 free relaxation drills R10” (3-5 bobs)


This workout was provided by Swiss Army Team Coach Nico Messer in collaboration with SVB Coach Xavier Fleury.

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