Jan 17, 2016 – Haddington and District ASC

Dealing with a small cold, I had to make it through this workout coaching without a voice – it was an interesting experience to say the least with our young athletes.


We’re starting out with another backstroke technique focused set after the warm-up before finishing up with a short freestyle set (and some additional IM work for our stronger athletes).


4×100 freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle

4×50 IM order kick
4×50 IM order drill
200 freestyle

Backstroke tech:
Slower lanes only 3 reps for each set.
4 (3)x50 rolling kick
4 (3)x50 K6
4 (3)x50 K6 switch
4 (3)x50 exaggerated roll
4 (3)x50 swim

Lane 4 only:
8×25 fly fins on 30″
8×100 IM fins (fly kick for breaststroke)
4×200 IM no fins

Set 2:
15×50 freestyle with paddles on 1:30

Workout Total: 2750 (2500) – Lane 4: 4550

This free workout was provided by Haddington and District ASC Head Coach Senga Restorick.

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