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Jan 2016 – NCAP West – 24,000 In 24 Hours

Jan 2016 – NCAP West – 24,000 In 24 Hours

This concept just ended up happening at the beginning of our training week based on what our goals are this week. Monday we were fresh off the plane from Austin Pro Series and literally drove from the airport to the pool.

We plan on finishing our training week at 60,000 total yards and wanted to get off to a strong start. For Monday’s session, we really wanted to free our athletes from interval training for the day and allow them to work at and aerobic pace where they can focus on quality habits as well as push themselves at a pace that is not shackled by the constraints of the clock. When we set up this way we find it important to make sure that our athletes are sharing a lane with athletes that will be moving a similar pace.

The 8 x 600 to initiate the session gave our swimmers an opportunity to get continuous movement for a good hour as they moved into the last two. #7 Was raced and recorded,we will use that swim’s result as a benchmark for the next three weeks on Monday sessions, when we will race a 600. We followed it up directly by doing 6 x 100 with :10 rest holding a faster than race pace. We proceeded to cut the initial set in 1/2 and did 300’s base on the same set up as the 600’s and we were able to set up very well for the timed 300 as well as the 3 x 100’s faster than race pace that followed. By the time we cut the set in 1/2 again for the 150’s the athletes were moving very fast and proved it with the 150 Race at the end of the 3rd round. Our follow up 75’s were RACE/EZ by 75 and made for some very fast swims.

We generally want to find a great way for our athletes to hit goal speed every day of training and were able to achieve that with our post set on the 100’s which were designed for our athletes to choose their stroke by round, set up with the 50’s and achieve 200 pace on the 100 race.

Mon 16, 2017 – PM

8 x 600 (20) rest
#1 = 100 Swim/50 K
#2 = 25 FL/50 FR/25 FL K/50 FR K
#3= 200 BK/200 BR/100 BK/100 BR
#4=Pull every 4th 25 Fast
#5=100 IM’s Flips & 5’s
#6=25 Race/50 EZ/50 Race/25 EZ
#8= 6 x 100 (10) rest better than Race pace

8 x 300 Same as above (15) rest
8 x 150 Same (10) rest

8 x 75 (5) rest
Odd= Faster that 1/2 of 150 Race, Even= ez

3 rounds of the following:
8 x 50 (5) rest, s/k/d/2 x build/d/k/s
100 Race same stroke
50 EZ

Workout Total: 10’650

About Jeremy Linn

Jeremy Linn won a silver medal in the 1996 Olympics. He swam for NCAP and has been with the program for over 20 years. [Read Bio]

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