Jan 29, 2014 – Haddington and District ASC

Workout from the Minnows Squad focusing on fly and a build to 400 free sticker.

Warm-up (good push offs and turns):
3×50 free
2×50 back
1×50 breast
2×25 fly
4×50 kick in IM order

Fly set with fins (arms should be straight clearing the water in recovery pinkie out first):
4×25 fly kick on back arms streamlined
2×50 3 kicks & dive (or broken down to 4×25)
2×50 single arm (or broken down to 4×25)
4×25 fly full stroke as far as you can without breathing, then free to the end
4×25 fly full stroke breathing every 3

FS set 1:
10 x 50 FS working on streamlined start and efficient turn on 1:05 with fins

Fs kick set 2 no fins:
8×50 free kick on 1:30 (increase if needed)

Choice warm down


This free workout was provided by Haddington and District ASC Head Coach Senga Restorick.

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